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My Home Network from anywhere with OpenVPN

As a Product Designer with a deep interest in technology, I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my digital workflow. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a significant amount of data, some of which was stored on outdated optical media like CDs and DVDs. To ensure the safety of these files and streamline my access […]

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Making Animations For The Web with Lottie

According to different studies, UI embellishments like animation can produce a positive impact in the overall user experience. Animation is not only fun, but also engaging. Since animating assets using Javascript or CSS may result intimidating for many designers, this is where Lottie comes into rescue. What is Lottie? Lottie is a tiny JS library […]


Moderating User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is any sort of material created or shared by a visitor or a user on a web site. UGC examples are comments in articles, tweets, new threads in online forums as well as blog posts and replies. With the advent of the Web 2.0, Web sites allowed users to easily upload […]


Change by Design key takeaways

In his first book, Tim Brown (former CEO at IDEO), a design and consulting firm, reflects on how well-executed design brings a positive impact at every level of business. From the beginning of the book, he establishes the idea that Design thinking includes skills designers have been using over decades in their search to fulfill […]

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Sharing a Windows printer with Debian GNU/Linux

In this blog post we will share a printer that is connected to a Windows PC with another system that runs Debian GNU/Linux. Sharing the printer on Windows First of all, on the Windows PC, it is required to have active the feature called File and printer sharing. This setting is within the Control Panel […]

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Everything you need to know about emojis

Emojis are emoticon images that are sent in a small amount of data by using a standard encoding. This encoding allows them to be used, when supported, on a huge range of platforms including iPhone, Android and desktop operating systems like Windows and Mac OSX. Emojis provide a better variety of options, making messages more […]

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The Sound of Silence

This is a tale about hardware and how I ventured to open my desktop PC to install a new cooler fan. On a hot summer day working from home my attention was deflected to the noisy cooler fan of my computer. The blades were spinning wildly, in part due to the high ambient temperatures. I’ve […]

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Installing Compass on macOS Catalina

Upgrading a Mac Operating System to a newer version brings a lot of cool new features, but it can also bring some compatibility issues. I ran into this problem after formatting the MacBook Pro with a clean install of macOS Catalina. But I think it can also occur when upgrading straight from High Sierra (previous […]


HestiaCP on Amazon Lightsail

Hestia Control Panel, better known as HestiaCP is an open source web hosting panel to manage your web sites, your email server and more. Its source code is based on VestaCP and comes bundled with many fixes and security updates that the former panel lacks. If you have ever tried VestaCP before, you already know […]

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Why is ADA compliance so important?

One billion people all over the world live with some form of disability, while 200 million do with a very significant one. In the United States that number means a quarter of the adult population. People who have visual, auditory, ambulatory, or cognitive disabilities, can face a real challenge when navigating websites. Accessibility, whether online […]