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Transitioning from Cloud Hosting to Self-Hosting

Thanks to advancements in fiber optic Internet technology, symmetric speeds have become commonplace, allowing users to stream video and play games without experiencing lag. My journey with Cloud Hosting began in 2018 when I found that my web hosting plan with GoDaddy couldn’t meet my needs. I required the ability to host multiple sites and […]

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My Home Network from anywhere with OpenVPN

As a Product Designer with a deep interest in technology, I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my digital workflow. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a significant amount of data, some of which was stored on outdated optical media like CDs and DVDs. To ensure the safety of these files and streamline my access […]

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Sharing a Windows printer with Debian GNU/Linux

In this blog post we will share a printer that is connected to a Windows PC with another system that runs Debian GNU/Linux. Sharing the printer on Windows First of all, on the Windows PC, it is required to have active the feature called File and printer sharing. This setting is within the Control Panel […]

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The Sound of Silence

This is a tale about hardware and how I ventured to open my desktop PC to install a new cooler fan. On a hot summer day working from home my attention was deflected to the noisy cooler fan of my computer. The blades were spinning wildly, in part due to the high ambient temperatures. I’ve […]